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Hair Stylist

Consent for Hair Treatment Services

Please read and sign the form below.

Consent for Hair Treatment Services


hereby give consent for       

to get her hair cut, colored/highlighted, or treated (this includes sew-in, glue-in, or braided extensions). I understand that I will be informed in advance of any major changes to current hairstyle. By consenting to these hairstyle changes, House of Hope will not be held responsible for any damages or unsatisfactory work done to the client’s hair or personal appearance. If, for any reason, the participant is dissatisfied with the treatment, she can request a grievance form and/or she can request for the stylist to come at her earliest convenience to make any corrections or alterations.

I understand that House of Hope will only allow licensed cosmetologists to perform haircuts, coloring/highlighting, or chemical hair treatments of any kind.

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